My tips are made from acrylic or TruStone and they WILL break if not cared for. I cannot be held responsible for this breakage, I urge you to be careful with your tips. When you receive your tip, if you are not happy with the finished product please contact me here within 3 days of receiving your tip to let me know what the problem is. After you’ve contacted me, you have 3 mail business days, Monday thru Saturday, to send back the tips. They must be postmarked within that 3 days. If, when you return your tip, I find that it has been tampered with in any way, you will NOT receive a refund and, the tip will be returned to you. I am not responsible if you’ve tried to make adjustments or changes to your tip. If you received your tip and decided that you didn’t like the color of the acrylic or the stone, if you chose your own color, then I am sorry but I cannot be held responsible because you have changed your mind. I do my best to give you plenty of information and pictures to choose the acrylic that you like. Due to varying settings on your computer monitor the colors may be slightly different, please be aware of this and make sure you know exactly what color you are getting before you make your final selection.  If I have to remake your tip due to damage during transit then please do not ask for a different acrylic because I will only remake with the same acrylic/stone that you chose to begin with and only if there is a defect in the tip.

For those who are members of my Facebook group, Angel’s Heavenly Designs, your tip(s) will be posted the day they are made. If you aren’t happy with something about your tip then please contact me via messenger and let me know. If you don’t like the colors or shape or the color of stone you chose then please see the paragraph above. If it is after 8pm CST then no changes will be accepted or made to your order because they will have already been sealed up and ready to mail. If you are unhappy with the colors of your tip then please see the section “What Does Custom Mean.” I cannot control the colors of the acrylic, no tip maker can. The colors will change the deeper you go into that acrylic and that cannot be controlled. If I make a mistake regarding shape or size of your tip then I will go back and turn another tip and remove the post once I realize my mistake, no questions asked.

I use Paypal for all of my orders. Please, when you are ready to place an order, make sure that your Paypal address is up to date. By using Paypal I also agree to ship to the address that Paypal has on file, regardless of the address you entered when you registered on my website. I apologize but in order to use Paypal I must ship to the addresses that they have or I won’t be covered by Paypal’s Seller Protection Policy. **Please keep your Paypal address updated as this is the address that I will be shipping to. Thanks so much!

If you choose the $3.10 options for shipping with no insurance, you agree not to hold me responsible for losses or damages that can occur with USPS. I also have an option for first class with insurance and it will cover the loss or damage done by USPS. Please make sure you check the correct shipping.

All placed orders are final. I cannot change an order once placed, so please be sure of all of your decisions before you submit an order. Orders are also not refundable once placed. I appreciate your understanding.

****Choking hazard****
Please be aware that your goddess stone or two tone could detach. It is your responsibility to check your tip to make certain that these are secure. Proper care of your drip tip not only keeps your tip beautiful but, will insure that you remain safe while vaping.