I make gorgeous custom Drip Tips for your E-Cigs.

 *You choose the acrylic you want!

*You choose the shape you want!

*You choose the length you want!

*Tips for 510 and some RDA’s. I make tips for Kennedy, Goon, Cleito, Mason, Recoil and Griffin tanks!

*****We are always making changes to make your tips even better, please check out the FAQ page to learn about the different options available when purchasing your tip. It has most, if not all, of the information you need to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Due to new FDA regulations, all vaping related things are included and anyone buying these things must be verified to be old enough. This has been a nightmare for all of the vendors who sell to all of you. We don’t want to let our customers down but we must comply with the law or close down. I know that this has caused some of you to throw your hands up and scream. Please, remember, this is not our fault and we are trying so very hard to make your lives easier. I tried BlueCheck for a couple of days but, I received absolutely NO support from them at all when I had some serious issues with their plugin. I have, as others, been forced to come up with an alternative method. One that I believe is safer than giving your SS number to some random, brand new company that can’t even get their software right, much less secure your information. We are now using Agechecker.net for our verification service and I believe that you will find this so much easier to use.

*****You may want to create an account or login to your account in order to checkout…the reason for this is so that you can earn points towards future purchases. Creating an account has it’s benefits…I promise you. It only takes a few moments, don’t lose your points.

 Every tip I make is also posted on FB every night in a Facebook group, join AHD Tip Parade to see yours posted. **Please note this group is only for seeing the tips, not for discussing anything. 😀

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Want to know how I make these tips? Check out the video below! 

The lovely DeLady Vapes from Keepin it Country made this beautiful video for me!!!

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