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Tip Perfection

Handmade with love, always gorgeous, and feel very nice. The customization options are wonderful. You can't go wrong with these tips, but be prepared to want them all!

New guy

Hi...this is James Schmidt Sr (Jim)... Im brand new to this site, but ive liked what ive seen! My biggest beef with 510 drip tips is...they say they are "wide bore" but when you look through them, they are real narrow at the 510 end. Now i understand that weather its for strenth or whatever...it needs to be wide as possable.... When i buy tips, that is the very first thing i look at. If you notice, there are actully a few sizes out there. Just a sugestion, if you show pictures of the finished product on your site, make sure you take a pic from the 510 side.. Most people selling won't show that if its narrow because people look for that.It will improve your sales if you do. Looking forward to purchasing a few from you!......Thanks in advance!

by Missy Novitski on Angel's Heavenly Designs
True works of art

I love the quality of the tips. They are so comfortable in your mouth and they are always gorgeous!! Having an option to build your own tip is also an awesome option. but you will never regret anything from her site!!.


Rhonda's tips are absolutlry stunning! So many choices from color(s), shapes and you can add little extras like a sparkly stone or a second color. These will fit any tank that takes a 510 tip. Between my Mom and I we have over 50 of her tips and no two are alike.

These Tips Are Heavenly!!

I have been buying from Rhonda for a long time now. I have quite the collection because they are just that good!Once you vape from one of these you will ask yourself... How did I use anything else!I have never seen so many customizable tip options like AHD has avaliable.The quality, customer service and satisfaction is mind blowing!!Rhonda never meets a stranger and welcomes each customer as family!She has an amazing staff that will walk you through each step of the way if needed. Not to mention a very generous reward system in place.I have never seen so much beauty or talent in one place! My husband and I are definitely customers for life!They are a must have!!

by Tammie Keown on Angel's Heavenly Designs

I've been buying from AHD for about 3 yrs. and Rhonda never fails to make each one of her tip's special, this site has everything to offer and at awesome prices. I can't begin to tell you how great her work is...that is something you see for yourself when you get them in your own hands then you see the real Beauty of each one! No regrets from me!

by Kitty burton on Angel's Heavenly Designs
Gorgeous tip

I love Angels Heavenly Designs tips for many reasons. First, she makes gorgeous tips!!!! Second, she has more shapes to choose from Than any one else I've seen. Third, there are so many colors and color combinations you can choose from its mind boggling!!! Fourth, she has excellent customer service skills!!!! A must in any business!!!! Fifth, she has more colors of gem stones to choose from than any one else I've dealt with, which makes it easier to match your tip design and mod, I've ordered 3 tips for myself and 2 tips for my fiancé. We both love them!!!!!

Only tips worth buying

I love these drip tips! I have 5 currently and each one is stunning! I have purchased drip tips from many places but they don't compare to Rhonda's. These are reasonably priced and the crafting/shipping time is also very reasonable. I've also found these to be pretty durable. I can be a bit clumsy and only 1 of mine have chipped. You can't even tell by just looking at it. I highly recommend AHD.

by Teresa Poth on Angel's Heavenly Designs

I have loved all the tips you have made me even the one I messed up on. When I got it I thought it was beautiful. Love them all and show them off every chance I get.


I have ordered quite a few tips, three (I think?) Have the new cores. Every single tip I have gotten is a beautiful piece of art. Momma Angel goes above and beyond making sure every piece she makes is of the best quality. I'm accident prone so have broken a few, but those breakages are MY fault and the new cores seem to help protect the tips better from my fumble fingers.

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