Welcome to the Angel FAQs page. This should help to answer any questions you might have about ordering your first heavenly drip tip! However, we can’t prepare for everything. So if there’s something you are still unclear on, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible! Thank you for your business!

Why Do I Have To Verify My Age?

Due to new FDA regulations, all vaping related things are included and anyone buying these things must be verified to be old enough. This has been a nightmare for all of the vendors who sell to all of you. We don’t want to let our customers down but we must comply with the law or close down. I know that this has caused some of you to throw your hands up and scream. Please, remember, this is not our fault and we are trying so very hard to make your lives easier. During the checkout process, a pop up will come up from AgeChecker.Net – It will simply ask for your  DOB, name, and your address, if it can verify you instantly, you will get a message saying your age has been verified and no further action is needed. If they cannot do it instantly for some reason, they will ask you to take a photo of your ID, you will be prompted to upload it right in the same pop up window. Once it is uploaded, it takes under a minute most of the time to get a manual approval. You should not have to do that again on future orders. You will instead get the instant approval message.

How long before I get my tip?

All of my tips are hand turned on my lathe and made to order. Because of this it may be up to 4 weeks before I can send out your order. I promise you that I will do my best to make it worth your wait. I can make 10-12 tips per day so I have quite a few orders. If you place an order and then place another separate order a week later then that second order will be turned in the order it was received. I will not put any orders ahead of anyone else’s…if you want me to hold your first order to ship with your second order then I will certainly do that. If I do that I will refund you the shipping for the first order, minus 50 cents due to the price of age verification. (I am charged every time an order is placed.)

If you order during a sale then the wait time will be up to 6 weeks, I always, always try to get them out as quickly as possible but when I have a sale and get 170-200 tips ordered then there is NO way that I can get that many tips out in 4 weeks. I am one person and I turn as quickly as I can but, I need time to turn all of these tips. Thank you so much for your understanding.

**Please keep in mind that each and every tip I make is turned by hand and no two tips will EVER be the same. I will get as close as I can but each one will be unique and different.

Are there any limits placed during sales?

During a sale, each customer is limited to 7 tips on their sale order. You will only be able to use the coupon once per person.

Can I reserve a tip for later purchase?

Yes, with the new clearance section we have some blanks that will be retiring forever once they reach a zero stock status. Keeping this in mind we have begun to allow Angels to Reserve a desired blank for future purchase. The following policy will detail the rules concerning Reserved Blanks. We want everyone to have to opportunity to purchase the close out blanks they want but because supplies are limited we are asking that everyone who reserves a blank make their best effort to purchase their reserved blanks within 2 weeks after reserving them so that Rhonda does not have to continue holding blanks indefinitely. If the blanks are not purchased within this time frame by midnight CST on the 15th day their reservation will expire and the reserved blanks will be returned to regular stock for others to purchase.

What if I need to make a change to my order?

All changes must be made using the contact form. Please read the instructions above the form if you’re using a yahoo or an AOL email address. Changes must be submitted correctly in order for the change to be made. If we do not receive your change due to the yahoo or AOL email issue, and you used the contact form, the change will not be made and your tip will be turned as ordered. I will not re-turn those tips. After an order is placed, our policy allows you to make changes within 24 hours. Changes after the 24 hour time limit will be denied. Refunds fall under the 24 hour time limit.

Where can I get new orings?

If you are looking for orings for a 510, they are here:

510 Orings

If you want orings for a Griffin style, they are here:

Griffin Style Orings

What shapes are available?

Every product on the site links to our shape chart which displays all the current shapes available for your drip tip. Not all categories contain all of the shapes, some of the shapes are limited to select categories. If you don’t see the shape you want in a certain category then that means that shape is not available for that category. Some shapes are harder to turn depending on the type of blank you choose. Please, when ordering your shape, consider your size. Very few shapes can be turned in a 1/2″ tip, only very basic shapes.

Angel’s Now Does Some RDA’s and Cleito Tips

AHD is proud to now be able to do some tips for RDA’s and Cleito’s. Sadly, I can’t do all RDA’s because there are just too many of them out on the market and all of their tips are different. *Please note, because of stability issues, not all blanks can be made into RDA or Cleito tips. If you don’t see the option on the blank you chose, that means it cannot be made into an RDA tip. For right now I do tips for:

Griffin/Goon *This option fits: Aromamizer Plus, TFV8 Cloud Beast, Big Baby Beast/TFV12 King Cloud beast*
Super Tank/Super Tank Mini (MUST HAVE THE ADAPTER) This tip fits over the nub of the adapter.

**Please also note that not all shapes are available for these tips, only a few select shapes can be turned into RDA’s. Shapes available for the Cleito and RDA are: #2, #11, #14, or Tulip only. As far as sizes go on the RDA’s they are 3/10″ (only for shape #2), 1/2″ and 3/4″ These tips do NOT have stainless steel cores. 


The inside of a Cleito tip. RDA and Cleito tips are wide bore.


Introducing: Griffin/Goon Style Cores!
As noted above: These cores fit Griffin, Goon, Aromamizer Plus, TFV8 Cloud Beast, Big Baby Beast/TFV12 King Cloud beast. The bore is 11.9mm


Tip Thickness explained.

Measurements are taken from the widest point, not the most narrow.The top (mouth section) will be in proportion to the widest point. If you like a fatter tip, choose the Lava or the Rhinoplastic blanks, these can be made thicker. The acrylics and all others are skinnier blanks and don’t make for good fat tips. Also, when choosing fatter, consider the shape you are choosing. There are several shapes that have fatter bottoms, they were designed that way. If you want a skinnier tip, I suggest choosing a skinnier shape.
Skinnier…widest point is .55″
Standard…widest point is .6″
Fatter…widest point is .65″
The #2 measures a bit different in thickness…
skinnier…is .45″
Standard…is .5″
Fatter…is .6″

How do I pay for my order?

I use Paypal for all of my orders. Please, when you are ready to place an order, make sure that your Paypal address is up to date. By using Paypal I also agree to ship to the address that Paypal has on file, regardless of the address you entered when you registered on my website. I apologize but in order to use Paypal I must ship to the addresses that they have or I won’t be covered by Paypal’s Seller Protection Policy. **Please keep your Paypal address updated as this is the address that I will be shipping to. Thanks so much!

If you want to pay with a credit card and NOT with paypal then please follow these steps:

1. Add the items you want to your shopping cart and click Checkout

2. Click “Proceed to PayPal

3. This will take you to the PayPal login page…DO NOT LOG IN.


4. Click on the link that is circled that says “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit”

5. This will open another page, click on the Credit Card tab that is circled in red and enter your credit card information. That’s all you have to do. Enjoy!

Credit Card

What do the sizes mean?

The size of the drip tip indicates the length it will be from the base to the tip, the size does not include the connection end. Sizes come in 3/10″ 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and 1.2″. Remember: Size indicates length from base to tip, all drip tips are made to fit 901/510 connections. Please, when ordering your size, consider the shape that you want. A 3/10″ or 1/2″ drip tip is very small and cannot accommodate many shapes, only the basic or straight ones.
3/10″ Drip tips: Shapes are limited to shape 2 only. Please note that a 3/10″ drip tip will not have a core, and you can only have one done in an RDA/Cleito style tip. These can also still be two toned.
1/2″ Drip tips: Shapes are limited to shapes 2, 6, 11, 13, 14, Lil One and Lava Lamp only.

What is a Goddess Tip? The ORIGINAL and still the best

I began the concept of putting a beautiful stone into the drip tips in May of 2014. My idea was original and never before seen. I wanted to find a way to make a drip tip even more beautiful and personal. Want to make your tip stand out even more? Why not bling it with a beautiful stone?  Purchase one of my tips, Acrylic, Lava, TruStone… and purchase the goddess series. I will match your tip with a gorgeous stone or, choose one of the beautiful stones I have available. If I put a stone in your tip that you chose, and you decide that you are not happy with it then I am sorry but it cannot be changed. Please choose carefully.

goddess4 goddess1

What is a Two-Toned Tip?

A two-toned tip combines two pieces of acrylic to give you a spectacular looking drip tip. You can mix and match so many combinations, the possibilities are endless. I will do my very best to give you an amazing looking drip tip that you will be proud to show off to your friends. Because I have all of the blanks here with me it will be very easy for me to make the best match for your tip. I will match your tip with another acrylic or…if you have a color preference for your tip please tell me in the space provided, otherwise…you will get whatever I choose for you lol.


What are stainless steel cores?

Stainless steel cores add strength to your drip tips…the picture below is the core I use and it includes the connection end, this core makes your tips VERY sturdy and can stand up to almost anything. Please keep in mind that any tips can still be chipped but, with the core, it will NOT break at the connection end. My bores (holes inside the tip) are 5.2 mm with a core. They work very well and there is tons of airflow, also great for dripping.


A view of the inside of the tip!


Where Do Blanks Come From?

Blanks and other supplies are purchased from the vendors below. I highly recommend Bear Tooth Woods for all of your turning needs. Ernie and his wife Robin provide top notch customer service and, always go above and beyond to take care of their customers. Wood Turningz has some unique blanks and great customer service.



What Does Custom Mean?

This means that YOU get to design your tip, with a few exceptions.

1. You can choose your acrylic! This does not mean that you can choose to have more or less of a specific color in your acrylic. The pictures of the acrylics that I offer are samples of that acrylic, none of the acrylic blanks will ever look the same. These blanks are one of a kind, and the patterns are different in each and every one. Below is a sample of one of my acrylics. When you ask for a 1″ tip, you will get the first 1″ of this acrylic blank or perhaps the middle or the end. This means that I absolutely cannot control the colors that you will get on your tip.

Product-Ocean Colors Lava

2. You choose your size. Length is the size from the base of the tip to the top of the tip. The connection end is not included in the length. If you choose a 1″ size then, that is the length that will show when your tip is in your tank. Please keep in mind, when choosing your size, 1/2″ is a very small piece of acrylic and you cannot choose a shape like the one below, and expect me to get that shape into 1/2″ of acrylic…it cannot be done. Common sense is very important when choosing your length.


 3. You choose your shape. I have several shapes available for you to choose from. Please, as stated in the sizes option, keep your length of acrylic in mind when choosing your shape. I do my best to get as close to the shape as possible but, I turn completely by sight, no templates, only my eyes.

There are many tips that are factory made, mine are not. If you are wanting exact then I would recommend  factory made tips that are sold by the bucketful in vape stores all around. I get as close as I can but I promise you that NO two of my tips will EVER be the same. Each of my tips is unique and made just for you, even if I make two tips, one after another, with the same acrylic, length and shape. These tips will be unique and different.

Must Love Wood

Wood is very unique and it is full of grains and knots and splits and all sorts of amazing things. If you appreciate wood then you know this, you have a love for wood and understand its complexity. Making drip tips from wood can be tricky because of their size and the shapes of the tips. Some things can be turned out while others cannot. Doing the wooden tips is very rewarding for me because I absolutely love all things wood…but, with it comes a great deal more work. First it must be turned, then it must be sanded and I sand it starting with a 200 grit all the way to a 12000 grit. Then I apply 6 coats of CA, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next. Once that is done I sand it again with 6 more sandings and finish with a polish.
The bottom line is this, if you love wood then you will adore all things about it. However, if you don’t like flaws and crazy grains in your tip, I would suggest that you go with an acrylic.

Caring for your Angel’s Heavenly Design drip tip

When you receive your drip tip please wash first. I recommend a little soapy water and a q-tip. I use pipe cleaners for mine but a q-tip works just as well. I do NOT recommend soaking your tip in alcohol, this could mess up the finish of your tip. If you simply want to clean your tip off, use an alcohol wipe or some alcohol on a paper towel. I understand the need for sanitizing your drip tip but it is not good to soak one in alcohol, a simple wipe will do.

If you use dark juices and do not clean your tip regularly, it will stain, it’s only a matter of time. These materials are porous and these darker juices will seep into them and cause permanent staining. I recommend that you wash your tips every other day with warm, soapy water. After you wash your tip, use a paper towel or a cotton ball and add a bit of mineral oil. Mineral oil will keep them shining and well conditioned. Sub-ohming can also cause tips to darken over time, this will happen with any tip other than glass or stainless steel tips. Before I ship your tips, I wash them and put mineral oil on them, once they get to you it’s up to you to take care of your tips. Please, if you want your tip to last a long time, take care of them and show them some love.

Caring for your wooden tips:

Please do not use water or soak in water. Water will cause your wood to split and swell. I use a CA Finish on wooden tips to try to protect them, and all wooden tips have a core to keep the juice from getting to the inside of the wooden tip. Please wipe these tips with a damp cloth, and oil them with mineral oil just as you would with an acrylic tip. I would suggest wiping them down with mineral oil at least once a week if not more.
If you find that your finish is starting to wear off, you can send the tip back to be refinished for a small fee. I do 6 coats of CA and polish to a wonderful shine but, after time, this will wear off with constant use. Damaged/Cracked tips cannot be repaired so please take care of these beauties!!
If you need a new CA finish, please use the contact form to let me know. The price to refinish a tip is $5.00.

Can My Tip Be Repaired?

Each tip I make is truly made with love. I love what I do, I love making these custom beauties for you. When people message me telling me that they broke their tip, it breaks my heart. Although I can sympathize with you when this happens, I cannot fix a break other than breaks at the connection ends. If you have a tip with no core and it is broken at the connection end (not the tip part) it can be fixed with a new core. If you would like more information about having a tip fixed, please use the contact form. Pricing is $9.50+6.50 for shipping. Shipping can be waived if you have an order in and want your repair sent back with it. Please note: The broken tip must not have a core inside currently.

Show Me How

One issue you may have will be the core coming out. Sometimes the glue just gives up, but not to worry, they are easy to fix. My friend Frank will show you how.

Unfortunately, not all tanks are the same when it comes to the connection well (where your tip goes into the tank). Because of this, you may notice either a very tight fit or a slightly looser fit if you have an older tip without a core. My dear friend Frank Hotrod Smith, has created a wonderful video that you may find very helpful. Please take a look. I would suggest the Mineral Oil each time you clean your tips.